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As Microsoft Ignite is now over I wanted to quickly download all Azure related slides. Luckily there are few PowerShell scripts available to do this but the best one I found is this one https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Ignite-2016-Slidedeck-and-296df316 developed by Michel de Rooij.

I’ve noticed though that some of the default commands don’t work as expected. I would for example not get any slides if I run the script with the default parameters:

 .\Get-IgniteSession.ps1 -DownloadFolder D:\Ignite -Keyword 'Azure'

But if I changed the Keyword parameter to Product it would work

 .\Get-IgniteSession.ps1 -DownloadFolder D:\Ignite -Product 'Azure'

In my case I also had some PowerShell errors with the video’s which I didn’t really needed anyway. Luckily Michel added some really smart parameters into the script like the NoVideos switch.

 .\Get-IgniteSession.ps1 -DownloadFolder D:\Ignite -Product 'Azure' -NoVideos

I know what I’m going to do the next couple of days 🙂



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