New step in my career…. down under!

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I’m so excited that I can finally speak about the next big step in my career…and it’s going to be down under!

I started my career with monitoring small datacenters in Belgium with MOM 2005, then quickly moved to monitoring global scale datacenters with SCOM  and got my first MVP title back in 2008 for “Microsoft Operations Monitoring”. After that I switched my focus to building Private Clouds for multi-national and highly sensitive customers with Windows Azure pack.

Nowadays I focus 100% on Microsoft Azure and especially the Hybrid aspect of it. Last year I got a unique opportunity from an Australian based company called Cubesys. The offered me a position as Principal Cloud Consultant based in Sydney. It took a very long time to make a decision as it’s not easy when you have 2 kids and a wife but it’s an opportunity I couldn’t skip. Luckily for me I have a very supportive wife so as of next week our new home will be called Sydney 😉

I will be responsible to build a dedicated Microsoft Azure practice. So I will be responsible to develop strategic relationships with Microsoft account teams, engagement managers, and product development teams. Build Cloud solutions and offerings, architect Hybrid Cloud implementations and evangelizing the Cloud in Australia!


I have no idea what is going to happen in the future, things are moving fast in a Cloud first world, but it’s a very exciting journey for sure!

So what does this mean for my Belgium customers? Nothing at all 😉 Thanks to a wonderful team of consultants and contractors that are as passionate as I am the projects in Belgium will get delivered with the same quality as you are used to.

What does this mean for my blog and speaking engagements? Again, nothing at all! I will keep blogging (and more than before as last months were crazy with preparing the move). I will also keep speaking at various events and invest time in the community and share my knowledge.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via email or twitter.



Email: alexandre at verkinderen . com

Twitter: @AlexVerkinderen

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