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Azure Stack Technical Preview 2 has just been released at Ignite!! This release provides new features for both tenants and administrators.


Have a look at the new features:

Key vault

  • Key Vault provides secure management of your keys and passwords for cloud apps. Allows for auditing and monitoring of key usage by apps and VMs.


  • iDNS provides internal network name registration and DNS resolution without additional DNS infrastructure.
  • Virtual Network Gateways provide VPN connectivity options to Azure or other on-premises resources.
  • User Defined Routes allow you to route network traffic through firewall, security, or other appliances and services.
  • You can create network resources from the marketplace


  • Azure Queues enable reliable and persistent service messaging
  • Storage analytics capture storage performance data. You can use this data to trace requests, analyze usage trends, and diagnose issues with your storage account
  • Storage service support for common tools and SDKs, such as Azure CLI, PowerShell, .NET, Python, and Java SDK
  • Storage Account Shared Access Signature enable granular delegation of access to your storage services without having to share your full account key.
  • Storage services now use Group Managed Service Accounts for strong security with low management overhead

 VMs and Resource Manager

  • You can deallocate and capture virtual machines, redeploy virtual machine extensions, and resize virtual machine disks.
  • Export Resource Manager templates from portal. Billing and usage
  • Billing and consumption APIs expose data on how your services are consumed.
  • You can capture plans and offers in Resource Manager templates.
  • Delegated Providers enable resellers to offer your Azure Stack services to their customers.
  • Reclaim unused tenant resources on-demand.

Monitoring and health

  • Azure Stack Regions are a logical unit of scale and management within Azure Stack. In this preview, you can view resource consumption of network, storage, and compute resources by region.
  • New monitoring capabilities available in the portal and APIs allow you to proactively view and manage alerts on your environment.
  • System Health Tests automatically test your fabric to ensure services are working as expected

More info can be found here: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/azure-stack-architecture/

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