Add a recording to an existing Web Application object Part II

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First you will have to create a web application monitor. See my previous post on how to

create a web application monitor in opsmgr.


To add a recording to an existing Web Application object

  1. Open the Authoring pane.

  2. Expand Management Pack Templates, and then click Web Application.

  3. Select the object to which you want to add a recording.

  4. In the Actions pane, click Edit Web application settings.

  5. Select the request from the list where you want the recording to be inserted. Recordings are inserted after the request you select.

  6. In the Actions pane, click Start capture. Internet Explorer will open. If you receive an error message about third-party extensions being disabled, follow these steps:

a. Click Tools, and then click Internet Options.

b. Click the Advanced tab.

c. Under Browsing, select Enable third party browser extensions.

d. Close Internet Explorer, and then click Start capture to open the browser again.

  1. In the browser window, follow the actions you want to be monitored. For example, you might click some links or add a product to a shopping cart.



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When you have completed the recording, click Stop in the left pane of Internet Explorer. Or, in the Actions pane, under Run Now, **you can click **Run Test to run the synthetic transaction immediately and see the results.





Now we have to define our health criteria  and a create the distributed application model to will drive the service level dashboard.


Alexandre Verkinderen

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