Configuring the Service Level Dashboard Part V

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After you create your monitors and distributed applications, you must take some additional steps to configure the Service Level Dashboard group and service level goal properties. Discovery finds all the objects that are associated with a distributed application. The current setting of these attributes is displayed in the Service Level Dashboard Attributes view in the Operations Console. This view lists the distributed applications that can be shown on the Service Level Dashboard, their Dashboard group, and their current service level goals.







The distributed application name

Availability Service Level Threshold


The percentage of availability the application must achieve to be shown as in compliance with the availability service level

Performance Service Level Threshold


The percentage of performance the application must achieve to be shown as in compliance with the performance service level

Dashboard Group


The Dashboard Group setting controls which dashboard the model will display on. All applications are assigned a default setting of 1, which allows multiple dashboards to be created for multiple views of the applications, or for views of different applications.



The GUID of the distributed application


Change the Service Level Dashboard Attributes for an Application

To change the Service Level Dashboard attributes, use overrides.

To override Service Level Dashboard attributes for a distributed application

  1. Open the Authoring pane.</p>
  2. Expand Management Pack Objects, and then click Object Discoveries.

  3. In the Look for box, type SLDBase and then click Find Now.


  1. Click Enterprise Service Monitoring Service Level Dashboard Discovery and then, in the Actions pane, click Overrides.


  1. Click Override the Object Discovery and then click For a specific object of type: Service Level Dashboard Application.</p>
  2. In the Select Object box, select the distributed application that contains attributes you want to edit, and then click OK.

  3. Select the Override check box next to the attribute you want to edit.


  1. Enter the adjusted setting in the Override Setting column.

a. For Dashboard Group, enter an integer or a string.

b. For the Performance and Availability Service Level Thresholds, enter the uptime percentage in a decimal number, without any symbols.

  1. Click OK.


Now that everything is configured we can start using our service level dashboard!



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