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  • cross platform
    • Half 2009 rtm
      • architecture building en later extra’s
        • mp linux not comptaible with r2</ul>
        • system center on hyper-v
          • vmm
            • p2V with scvmm
              • need attention because of evaluaton verions
                • phyisical disks in hyperv??? rechstreeks naar vm? pass trough disks. in hyperv manager disks phyiscial disks
                  • vmm webconsole. zoals scom console. tasks, connect to vm,
                    • scope down user roles, actions</ul>
                      • scom
                        • dpm
                          • initial replica and then delta’s
                            • dpm backuped 15 min. p2V met powershell
                              • scom detect crash. powershell start vm machines
                                • continous replication</ul> </ul> </ul>

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