MOF 4.0 Foundation Course

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Microsoft just announced the beta release of the MOF 4.0 Foundation Course.


This training course is intended primarily for those who deliver service management-focused training. It’s also designed to supplement existing materials utilized by those in the greater training community. These materials will help instructors teach IT pros how to think about system integration and dependencies, and will add value to a range of technical training courses.

The course is designed to introduce participants to the three phases of the MOF lifecycle—Plan, Deliver, and Operate—and the Manage Layer. It also covers the Service Management Functions (SMFs) and Management Reviews within each phase. The course provides a foundation for participants to begin leveraging service management concepts with Microsoft products and technologies.

Take an early look at the MOF 4.0 Foundation Course, and use this opportunity to provide feedback and influence its development. Download the beta materials on Microsoft Connect:



Alexandre Verkinderen

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