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On some occasions the scom agent can cause a lot of performance issues on the servers. Here I will describe some steps I take when I have performance problems and in most of the cases it works for me.

The first thing you should do is to configure the antivirus exclusions for opsmgr. Have a look at Kevin Holman’s blogpost Antivirus Exclusions for MOM and OpsMgr on how to do this. Configuring anti virus exlusions will help you gain some performance.

This is a screenshot of the performance of my cpu before the anti virus exclusions:



And this one is after the anti virus exclusions:



The second thing is to have a look at the healthservice.exe. We’ve created a collection performance rule in the previous post to collect the processor time % of the healthservice. If the healthservice is consuming more than 15 a 20 % of your cpu you have a problem . In my case I  had huge performance problems due to the healthservice.exe that was taking all the processor time. My healthservices.exe was taking about 50 to 60 % with peaks to 100% on my agents….You can imagine the reaction of my client….he was not very happy.

Performance view of my healthservice.exe on one of my agents:


So I did some tests, installed all the necessary hotfixes, deleted the healthservice cache, exception of programfilesscom for the antivirus etc etc. But with no results.

So I tought it was WMI and did the following steps to rebuild the wmi:

· Net Stop WinMgmt

· Ren %WinDir%System32WbemRepository %WinDir%System32WbemOldRepository

· Net Start WinMgmt

Still no success, still had performance troubles. I contacted one of our company architects who send me a repairwmi.cmd “program” he developed . It will recompile all the mofiles, re-register all the dll’s, exe’s etc.

Steps to take:

  1. Copy the content of the repairwmi.cmd to the %WinDir%System32Wbem folder</p>
  2. Run the repairwmi.cmd

  3. Stop the opsmgr healthservice

  4. Delete the healthservice cache

  5. Start the opsmgr healthservice

And voila! All my performance problems where gone!!







As you can see this reduced drastically the processor time % of the healthservice!


Hope this helps,

Alexandre Verkinderen

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