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It is possible to create custom reports for Exchange 2007 using the Service Level Dashboard Solution Accelerator and the Exchange 2007 Management Pack. The Opsmgr Team made a nice guide on how to make a Service Level Dashboard for Exchange.


But you have to change the Monitor dependency of the distributed applications otherwise the Health wouldn’t rolling up.


  1. In the monitoring section of the console, under “Distributed Applications”, right-click on the “Exchange 2007 Server Availability” distributed application that you defined and select to open the Diagram View

  2. Right-click on Exchange 2007 CAS Servers and select “Health Explorer”.

sshot-1 (2)

  1. Right-click on Component Group Health Roll-up for type Ex. Client Access Servers and select “Monitor Properties”.

  2. On the Monitor Dependency tab, click “MOM 2005 Computer Role Health” and click ok. This will allow health to roll up to the Component Group level. By default, health of converted Management Packs rolls up via MOM 2005 Computer Role Health.

sshot-1 (3)


But now come the tricky part. The state of you distributed applications will stay on unmonitored until a state change occurred for state to start rolling up.

sshot-1 (4)


The solution for this problem is just to put your exchange servers in maintenance mode for a while!



That’s how I resolved the unmonitored issue for my service level dashboard.



Alexandre Verkinderen


After the maintenance mode my

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