Upgrade Opsmgr 2007 R2 RC to Opsmgr 2007 R2 RTM

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I’ve several production environmnets running the Opmsgr 2007 R2 Release Candidate version. Now that the Opsmgr 2007 R2 Rtm is available I wanted to test the upgrade from RC to RTM in my lab environment before upgrading my production environments.

Start the SetupOM.exe



the setup will detect that you run on “older” version of opsmgr2007


The prerequisiter check failed because of the savision livemaps RC extensions:



Uninstall the savision rc extensions and your ready to go:



After upgrading backup your encription key.




Don’t forget to approve the agent pending update



After the upgrade from SCOM R2 RC to R2 RTM you can  reinstall the Savision Livemaps RC extensions from http://www.savision.com/download . Savision confirms that the Livemaps RC extensions works on SCOM 2007 R2 RTM and that they will release an update within a few weeks to fully support the new SCOM 2007 R2 and add some new functionalities.

Now that I’m sure the upgrade from RC to R2 works like a charm I can upgrade my other RC environments at customers sites!



Alexandre Verkinderen

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