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System Center Advisor has some extra management packs that are not available for OpsMgr.

The full list of data points collected by the agent is available for download here, from the Microsoft Download Center, in an Excel spreadsheet.  For example, included in this list are properties about SQL Server like data from SERVERPROPERTY, sys.databases, and sys.configurations.

I think it’s a shame we don’t have those extra rules and monitors in the OpsMgr MP’s so I wanted to have those extra checks in my OpsMgr environment by importing the Advisor management packs! Let’s see if this will work!

You can find all Advisor management packs on the gateway in C:Program FilesSystem Center AdvisorGatewayDataContent



Just copy those Advisor MP’s to your Opsmgr box and import them:


Once imported you will all those extra checks in your OpsMgr environment.


And alerts are starting coming in that you didn’t get before:



Alexandre Verkinderen

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