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Azure Files Updates from Ignite

1 minute read

Microsoft announced significant improvements to Azure Files at Ignite 2018 – higher scale, more IOPS, more throughput, lower latency, better security, and...

Azure Disks Ignite Updates

1 minute read

Microsoft announced a series of exciting new offerings on Azure Disks at Ignite Conference today. Here is a quick summary of the Ignite releases:

How to use Azure CDN for WordPress

1 minute read

In this blogpost I will show you how you can use Azure CDN to improve the performance of your WordPress site. I’m running WordPress for my blog and have a lo...

Getting started with the Azure Iot DevKit

3 minute read

I finally got my hands on some Azure IoT Developer kits! In this blogpost I will cover how to get started with the Devkit, make sure it’s connected to the in...