Install OpsMgr Agent-less remotely with Powershell

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In our previous post we installed the OpsMgr agent remotely with Poweshell and enabled agent proxying. Now we are going to monitor a server agentless via Powershell:



NAME: Opsmgr 2012 Agent-less Install


AUTHOR: Alexandre Verkinderen

DATE  : 10/23/2013

#Requirements: The Operations Manager Powershell module needs to be installed

COMMENT: This script is designed to install OpsMgr 2012 agent-less

The following need agent-less installation using default options: Add-SCOMAgentlessManagedComputer : SCDPM01, SCCM01


$MS = “”

invoke-command -ComputerName $MS{
$AgentList = @(“”,””)
$MS = “”

#Import PowerShell Modules
import-module OperationsManager
#Connect to OpsMgr Management Group
New-SCOMManagementGroupConnection -ComputerName $MS

#OpsMgr Agent Installation

Foreach($Agent in $AgentList)

Add-SCOMAgentlessManagedComputer -Name $Agent -ManagedByManagementServer (Get-SCOMManagementserver -Name $MS)




Alexandre Verkinderen

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